Colognola is the country of villas, good wine, oil and Verdone nano di Colognola, a sweet legume that grows on the hills.

Of Roman origin, its name derives from “colony” due to the presence of a Roman centuriation of which there are still found, such as the locality Decima.

Rich in Renaissance villas, it offers beautiful itineraries on the hills and surrounding hamlets, to be done at any time of the year.

What you can’t miss in Colognola ai Colli:

Sagra dei bisi, in May, with tastings of Verdone Nano di Colognola

A walk through villas and hills

A visit to the parish church of Colognola


Camper Parking Area

Events in Colognola ai Colli

Where to eat and sleep

Villa Aldegheri
Agriturismo Al Bosco
Villa Zoppi
Villa Nichesola

Wineries and Farms

Fasoli Gino
Villa Canestrari