Cazzano di Tramigna is 23 km from Verona. To reach it you can take the A4 Brescia – Padua and exit at Soave – San Bonifacio (about 10 km from Cazzano); then follow the signs for Cazzano di Tramigna (provincial road 37/a “dei ciliegi”).

The Roman presence in the valley is attested by epigraphs and also by some place names: an example is the mount Sensenigo (from Cercenicus).After the Roman presence silence fell; probably the presence of the Lombards (hypothesis of the double parish – Catholic and Arian – of Illasi) also deduced from the choice of Saint George as patron saint (the Lombards had a particular devotion to the saints “warriors”).

The municipality of Cazzano di Tramigna has in its territory three parishes: San Giorgio martire (in Cazzano), San Bernardo abate (in Campiano) and Sant’Antonio abate (in Costeggiola).

La Val Tramigna - Chiara Maria Mattiello
Ph. Franco Cerne

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The events in Cazzano di Tramigna

  • Cherry festival

The festival always takes place on the first Sunday of June, is organized by the Pro Loco with the patronage of the Municipality of Cazzano and the collaboration of other associations active in the area. 4 days of celebration, music, gastronomy, typical products, pizza in the square and “More Cazzano” to taste, unforgettable and original closure with the wonderful fireworks display on the fountain.

  • Oil festival

Since 2009, in order to make known and appreciate even more the particular and precious oil that is produced in this area, it has been decided, with the collaboration of producers and oil mills of the town, to organize the Oil Festival of Val Tramigna. 
Visitors can experience the quality and tradition behind this product.
The event takes place in November.

  • Iris festival

For some years in May the rural festival of iris has been held in Campiano. The hilly area and the clay soil in the past years have favored the cultivation and production of the precious root of the flower of the iris (ireos), by all in the area known with the dialect name of “gadolo”.

  • San Bernardo Festival in Campiano

Near the day 20 August, anniversary of Saint Bernard Abbot patron of Campiano, some friends and locals with the collaboration of other groups of the country, organize every year the Festival of San Bernardo.  The program is divided between religious services and entertainment. 

Where to eat and sleep in Cazzano di Tramigna

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