From the mountain pastures and dairies: milk, butter and ricotta. Pasture products, in the case of sheep and cattle, are milk, dairy products and meat, whose quality is high thanks to the complex of aromatic herbs of Lessinia that feed the cattle. During the pasture the animals feed themselves, reducing the costs of feeding in the barn and thus supporting the economy and the food quality of the area.

Ph. Antongiulio Salzani

Mountain pasture

The processing of milk produced in the high pastures, traditionally takes place in the mountain pastures, where the butter is made with artisanal butter churn. With the wholly or partially skimmed milk they produce the alpine cheese.

Dairy farms

In recent years, dairy farms have joined the mountain pastures. Thanks to them, the dairy system of Lessinia has reached a high level of efficiency, without affecting the taste of cheeses produced with milk from other pastures.

Butter is obtained from the processing of cow’s milk creams. The solid part, which is then processed until the butter loaf is produced, is separated from the liquid part. This product takes on a white colour in winter and yellow colour in summer, due to the different feeding of livestock.

Milk is a complete food, suitable for everyone. In Lessinia its consumption has always been abundant for its easy availability, as well as for its goodness.

The “Cimbro” milk can also be used for pastry products and for home yoghurt production. Ideal also for delicious cappuccinos and chocolates.