Travel "green" between vineyards and wineries

Imagine being in Verona, having seen all its beauties and wanting to explore what is outside: without cars and thoughtless.

Because, contrary to what Shakespeare wrote, outside the walls of Verona, there is a world. Come here and find it out!

How did the project come about?

The idea was born from the desire to create a service for wine tourists to visit the hills and wineries of Soave, without using the car. We have partnered with ATV Verona and also supported by the Government of Transport of the Province, we have created a route in which to visit villages and wineries in one day, using public transport.

How does it work?

At the IAT Est Veronese, you can buy the ATV PASS that gives you the opportunity to visit the wineries of Soave, Val d’Alpone and Val d’Illasi with discounts on purchases and tastings and on the entrance to the Castle of Soave.

How much it costs?

The daily ATV PASS costs 11 Euro. You are also entitled to the same agreements by purchasing the other 3 and 7 day passes. Discover here all the conventions of the province of Verona.

Do I need to book?

Yes. Wineries need to know the dates and times in order to best welcome you and to prepare your tasting. At the tourist office we will help you organize your day by giving you all the information about timetables, lines and stops to reach the wineries.

How do I book?

Send an email to, or call us at 045 2240250, writing us the dates and the 2 wineries you would like to visit among these:

Green Wine Bus Val Tramigna e Val d’Alpone
Green Wine Bus Val d’Illasi