The herbs from Lessinia are used inside the dough, the most used are: nettle, calendula, mother herb, basil, sage, rosemary, herb artemisia, dandelion.

They are also used to make oil and flavoured salt.

The use of herbs in the territory of East Verona is very ancient: it dates back to the Cimbri, who first discovered the healing properties of the rich spontaneous flora of the area.

In addition to herbal medicine, herbs have also played an interesting role in the presentation of recipes. The aromatic essences enhance the taste and quality of the raw materials, characterizing some recipes of traditional cuisine.


La Ferraretta Bianca

Products available at the IAT:

  • Cimbro infusion
  • Infusion of Good Morning
  • Infusion of the Evening
  • Soap with iris
  • Soap with lavender
  • Perfumer with lavender flowers
  • Lavender essential oil 
  • Sauce with nettle and mint