If you’ve seen Love in the Villa on Netflix and you are looking for information on your next romantic trip to Verona, this article won’t help you find the movie’s locations.

It will do better.

Did you know that Juliet’s House, one of the Love in the Villa location, is perhaps the busiest and most popular place in Verona? Are you sure you want to find yourself crushed by the crowd to admire a (fake) balcony for 30 seconds?
If the answer is no, go on reading, because this article will help you find the Love in the Villa locations in Verona where you can truly enjoy a romantic holiday with your lover.

Before talking about the locations, however, we must talk about two things in the movie that slightly disturbed Verona’s people, so before leaving you better get to know them, so you will make a good impression and conquer us.
1. If ​​you ask for a ricotta cannoli in Verona, we will look at you with compassion and send you on the first flight to Sicily. Because the cannoli with ricotta, the good ones, are made in Sicily. In Verona you can ask for a risino. (Google it, it’s goooood).
2. The pastissada de caval. Well yes, we eat horse. There isn’t much more to say. If you love to travel and experience the culture of a place and try its food, try it. Alternatively we suggest lesso con pearà. It’s boiled beef with a broth and pepper sauce.

And now, here is an ideal itinerary to enjoy your stay between love and villas in Verona and its province.

Because “there’s no world without Verona’s wall” was perhaps true in Shakespeare’s time, but not anymore. Outside of Verona there is a world, and it is beautiful. Here are the 5 places outside the walls of Verona that you cannot miss.

1. Where to stay

In the lands east of Verona, there are 18th century villas transformed into boutique hotels, immersed in vineyards, with natural terraces overlooking the valleys that then rise to the peaks of the Lessinia Natural Park.
They are furnished with art and design made in Italy, full of comfort and luxury, for an experience of total relaxation. You will find wellness centers, spas, swimming pools. Here are our suggestions: 

Tenuta Le Cave
Villa Cipolla Pieropan
Villa Zoppi
Magari Estates

2. What to eat

Over the centuries, Eastern Verona has always been one of the areas with the richest crops, excellent climate and good soil. This has favored the presence of a multitude of spontaneous and processed agricultural products, which allow you to have a zero km meal from breakfast to dinner.
In the mountains of Eastern Lessinia we have wild herbs, red fruits, truffles and chestnuts, dairy products and meat from the pastures. In the hills of the Terre del Vino we have fruit, legumes and potatoes, ham, honey and olive oil. In the plain of the Orti di Verona you will find vegetables and legumes, poultry and apples.

The restaurants that work these wonderful raw materials are run by young chefs who do a lot of research on how to enhance tradition and modern cuisine. We recommend:

Al Callianino
I Tigli

3. What to drink

Do you prefer red, white or bubbles? In Eastern Verona you can choose between … everything! In the Terre del Vino (Wine Lands), you will find the red Valpolicella and Amarone, the white Soave and the sparkling Lessini Durello. You can visit the cellars all year round, but it is better to avoid Sundays, because on the Lord’s day the farmers rest. It is impossible to make a list of those recommended, so we leave you this link, where you can find them all according to your preferences.

4. Most romantic places

Is there a more romantic place than the courtyard of Juliet’s House for a marriage proposal? Sure there is! We recommend two of them, with breathtaking views and the privacy you need to take the courage you need: Campiano and Marcemigo, judge for yourself:

5. Unknown love stories

Tragic loves, magic and betrayals: in addition to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, there are many other love stories that are handed down in Eastern Verona. One of these tells that the ghost of Ginevra Serego Alighieri wanders in the castle of Illasi (which by the way actually belonged to the Montecchi family). She wanders through the rooms of the castle, in search of her beloved, Gregorio Griffo, brutally killed by the perfidious husband Girolamo Pompei, who forced her to confess the false: that she was the one to kill Gregory. After the fake confession and the trial, nothing was heard of her and Girolamo remarried a few years later. Who knows if she and Gregorio have managed to reunite, at least in their souls and were allowed to live their love.

After reading all this, do you want to pack your bags and leave? To plan your trip to Verona write to us here: info@estveronese.it