In Bolca the potato has found a particularly favorable cultivation environment, both for the endowments of the soils, of volcanic origin with basaltic debris, and for the altitude and the environmental characteristics.

The main cultivated varieties are: Bintje, medio tardiva, pasta gialla, for all uses; Majestic, semi-tardiva, pasta bianca, for all uses; Spunta, medio precoce, pasta gialla, per tutti gli usi; Monalisa, medio precoce, pasta gialla, for all uses; Désirée, tardiva, pasta gialla, for fried food and roasted; Kennebec, tardiva, pasta bianca, for dumplings and mashed potatoes.

The production of “Patata di Bolca is characterized by the characteristics of the soil of the municipality of Vestenanova, which are: a slightly acidic pH and a basalt content of volcanic origin.