A small municipality at the end of the Val D’Illasi, Selva di Progno is the gateway to Lessinia.

From its hamlets of Giazza, Campofontana and San Bartolomeo delle Montagne there are beautiful excursions in eastern Lessinia.

Selva di Progno is also the home of the Cimbrian Culture Center of Giazza, which has the task of preserving this ancient civilization, but also of the Trombini di San Bortolo who have a beautiful museum in the small hamlet

What you cannot miss in Selva di Progno

Excursions in Eastern Lessinia

A visit to the Cimbrian Culture Center in Giazza

The living nativity scene of Campofontana

The museum of the Trumpets of San Bortolo

Events in Selva di Progno

Plague Vow (first Sunday in July) On the first Sunday of July, traditional procession with the statue of the Madonna to fulfill a vow shared with the population of Velo Veronese. The tradition is lost in the mists of time and arises from a vow made by the communities during a plague and which sealed an alliance-friendship between two of the Thirteen Municipalities.

Festival of the Assumption – On 15 August, the feast of the Assumption, titular of the parish church of the same name, preceded by a preparation triduum. In the afternoon of August 15th the procession of the Assumption takes place. The pro loco organizes the civil part of the party.

Feast of the Derlo – The first Sunday of October is the feast of Derlo, a typical basket that tradition wants to be used for carrying wood on the shoulder. Few, now, even locally are the producers of this wooden basket.

Festival of San Bartolomeo delle Montagne – After the Assumption, a performance of pistonieri with trombini takes place.

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