The truffle is a fungus that lives underground, in the shape of a tuber formed by a fleshy mass, called “gleba”, covered by a sort of bark called “peridio”.

For the “Tartufo della Montagna Veronese the main task is the harvest. The maturation takes place between November and March. The harvest is in natural truffles, which are spaces of land of almost circular shape, found in the woods, or at the edge of them, or close to isolated plants, where the truffles grow spontaneously.

Their search is carried out with the help of dogs. For harvesting, a short handle hoe is used to dig the ground gently in the spot marked by the dog, until the truffle is discovered, then covering the hole after harvesting.

Ph. Associazione Tartufai della Lessinia

The culinary use of truffles has always been known and appreciated. It is used to flavor dishes and should be used sparingly so as not to risk covering other tastes. The most valuable truffles are eaten raw, cut with truffle cutter when serving them directly on the ready food placed in the dish.

Less valuable qualities are used as a garnish or in the preparation of sauces, the latter are first cut into pieces and put to season in a pan with oil, garlic, anchovy and thyme, then sprinkled on the ready food placed in the dish.